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How often is the content updated?

Content is updated when we add new material or when rule/mechanics are modified by the governing bodies.

Do I have to follow the courses in order?

You can take any course and any lesson in that course whenever you want.  While we have put the courses together in a logical order, you can view any lesson or topic in any order you want.

Do I still need to attend camps or clinics, or can I just use the online courses?

Yes, you should absolutely attend camps and clinics on a periodic basis.  The OCBOA online training is meant to supplement your camp and/or clinic training.  Since clinics and camps are only offered once or twice a year, the OCBOA Umpire Training Portal provides you a platform to learn throughout the year using the online training content.

Can I view the content on my iPad and mobile phone?

Yes.  Our content was designed to be mobile-aware, so you can view the course lessons on any device – including all the videos.

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