Learn By Rule

Each rule is reviewed to ensure a complete understanding by the student, as well as a demonstration showing the correct interpretation, as well as any associated umpire mechanic. It is the most in-depth rule review you will find anywhere.

Learn By Mechanic

Proper mechanics for 1-man through 4-man are available, as well as the proper mechanics for everything from calling a balk, enforcing obstruction and interference, and properly signaling and calling timing plays – as well as everything in between.

Learn By Topic

Topics that show various baseball situations and the proper approaches in handling them. Everything from “How to Conduct a Plate Meeting” to the proper ways to deal with a coach arguing are available in our long list of topics.



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Great content makes taking your umpiring to the next level a breeze.  OCBOA has really hit a home-run when it comes to umpire training.

Elliott Bonn

The OCBOA Online Training is a must for every high school baseball umpire.  Each mechanic and rule is broken down into lessons with video examples that you can watch anytime, anywhere.

Mike Laverty

OCBOA has really taken umpire training to the next level.  It’s like a complete NFHS umpire school online, with video examples for everything.

Marc Mason